9 Reasons to Buy a New Build

It can be difficult to resolve questions about how to handle a potential home purchase. Do you buy now or later? Where is the best place to buy? (Here). If you were to buy, what’s the potential impact of the speculation tax? (None if you buy from us). These are all critical questions to ask before jumping in and seriously beginning the process of looking for a home. Well, we at West Harbour want to answer at least one of these questions. Follow along as we make the case for buying a new build home today.

exterior shot of chardonnay roofed home with parmesan main body overlooking okanagan lake on a clear day

New is Low Maintenance

An old home can be tricky to navigate; there’s often uncertainty about the amount of renovations required to bring the home up to snuff. Renovations are either very expensive or quite arduous. If you’re not ‘handy around the house’, so to speak, renovating can cause a lot of trouble, particularly if one doesn’t do the job properly.  Buying new eliminates this headache.

New is Low Stress

When you buy an old home, it can be stressful sometimes to haggle over different details, like purchase, possession, move-in dates, etc. With a new home, we here at West Harbour will take care to make buying as stress-free as possible and save the trouble of going through some kind of ordeal with a pre-existing selling owner.

New is Clean

Every old home collects all kinds of dust, dirt, rot, and decay over time. Even if the previous owner went through the trouble of cleaning it before you saw it, chances are very good that that home was never as clean as it was when it was first bought. Another advantage of a new home is that it’s delivered sparkling clean.

empty house interior

New is a Blank Canvas

Everyone has different tastes, and at times this reality can be problematic. What can be done if the previous owner of an old homemade some err… iffy colour selections or wallpaper? Sure you could paint over it, but buying a home is bad enough without having to cover up someone else’s mistakes.

New is Customizable

Buying an old home robs you of the opportunity for customization of the floor plans, features, and design. Do you really want to live in someone else’s vision of what a good home is to live in? We wouldn’t either, so take control and buy new!

New Means New Appliances

Appliances are the hands and feet of any good home, which is yet another reason to buy new. A new build means new appliances with warranties that could save you serious time and money on potential repairs.

New Means Community Amenities

Many new home developments, such as West Harbour, can offer an extensive variety of community-oriented amenities. Buying new at these developments could mean access to pools, gyms, and social clubs that can help you relax or stay active depending on preferences.

New Means a Fresh Start

A new home can offer a fresh start without any traces of former tenants. It’s the wide open space where you can be you and create unique, special memories tailored only to you.

New Means Greater Value

Should you ever decide that you want to move out, if you bought a new build it will have greater resale value than if you merely resell an old one. After all, newer is more valuable.

You can find all kinds of great new homes and new home designs right here at West Harbour.