3 Reasons Why Life is Best at the Okanagan.

What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘community’? We are going to tell you why West Harbour is an incredible place, worthy of being the community of choice for anyone moving to the Okanagan. From the beautiful Okanagan Lake to the amazing architecture West Harbour is the perfect balance of rural and urban lifestyles. We are going to give you three reasons why West Harbour is an incredible community (and number 3 is our favourite). Enjoy.

 That Okanagan Lake, that view, that sunshine.

In a study conducted out of a UK-based project called Blue Gym, it has been concluded that people who live near lakes tend to be healthier and happier. It doesn’t take much to see the truth in that statement, think about the sense of peace you experience when you are near a body of water. Now imagine this sense of peace, tranquillity, and oneness being available to you daily. The Okanagan is a sunny place, imagine getting to be out on the boat for 2/3rds of the summer. Okanagan Lake Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. It makes for an okay view as well.

Palaces within proximity.

You read that right, not only will you have purchased a beautiful home but you will be the perfect distance away from everything you want/need. You’re far enough away from Kelowna to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of it all but you are also close enough where it’s not painful to make a grocery run or drive into town to go shopping or visit some friends. Some believe the magic is in the home and most think it’s all about the location. We don’t like to make people choose so we gave you both.

west harbour lake view okanagan lake house

The community.

No this is not a cliché, this is what makes West Harbour THE community. A community is only as good as the people that are in it and the words you’ll hear most in this community are simply “We love it here.” imagine being a member of a tight-knit community that works to support each other in every way possible. Imagine having neighbours that felt like family, imagine that small town feeling outside of a city. Like we said why to choose when you can have both. The community will be the best part of living here. The recreational activities on Okanagan Lake are great but they are amplified by those who participate.

We’d love to show you around in West Harbour, it would be next to impossible to showcase all of the benefits in one blog post but we just wanted to give you an idea about what you could expect in this amazing community. Come by the sales centre and see for yourself.