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Follow the Values of the Millennial Leader

Millennials. They’ve tackled challenges with smart solutions, opted for unconventional lifestyles that favor experiences and set a new precedent for access over ownership. While it’s not that they are the only ones who value a sense of belonging, affordability, and smart technology. It’s that they’ve been the strongest

5 Things to Stop Today to Own Tomorrow

What our buyers have told us over the years is that the smallest of changes can bring you one step closer to that home ownership dream. And that doesn’t mean sacrificing life’s joys, but it does suggest taking a look at the bigger picture and finding that sweet balance of living in the moment while…

3 tips for using ‘The Big BC 3’ to your advantage

You’ve seen the headlines. Housing affordability is further out of reach than ever before. That sounds grand for the slim few taking advantage of this ‘buyer’s market’. However, it doesn’t fair well for the larger majority, who are qualified, and eager to secure a piece of the ownership pie.

Featuring The Zinfandel Walkout

After having a chance to meet with many prospective buyers, we found that some of you that liked our Zinfandel but wanted just a little more from it. This is where lot 763, or the Zinfandel walkout home design comes in. It is under construction as we speak, 

We send our best to ‘Stuff A Bus’ for charity

1,200 children will be receiving meals this Christmas thanks to the efforts of iheartradio’s Stuff A Bus event. $450,000 worth of food and donations were gathered in 2 days as the Central Okanagan pooled their efforts. Our team was also there to support the cause. Troika’s construction team

A Sit-Down With Joy Playford

At West Harbour our residents are the best thing we have going. We want to make them the stars of the show for us. In this sit-down with new resident Joy Playford, we talk about fishing, her executive coaching gig,  and why West Harbour’s community is special. Start off by telling us about yourself. J:…

3 Surprising & Smart Fire Safety Measures

Recently you have been receiving questions on our Facebook page about how we react to the threat of fire in the Okanagan. So, in this blog post, we share some of the fire safety features we have at West Harbour! If you’ve been around the Okanagan lately then you know that we are in

Everything You Need to Know About Appraisals

Moving can bring with it a lot of questions. There can be so many different processes involved in real estate that it can feel overwhelming. So, we’ve decided to make articles outlying the different processes to help you understand them a little better.

Top 4 Halloween Events In The Okanagan

Ladies and ghouls, it’s October 2018, and that means that Halloween is coming up! Halloween is a scary time of year, and we love every moment of it, which is why we’ve put together a guide to some of the best Halloween events of the year. We’re really excited to show you a top four 2018…