WH Residents Say: 'We Love it Here'.

When developing the marketing strategy for West Harbour, Troika started by identifying the one crucial thing that makes our waterfront community special. It isn’t the million dollar views, the lakefront amenities, or the Mediterranean-style architecture.

It isn’t the superior waterside location or the convenience of abundant nearby shops and services. It is the people that live here and the vibrant sense of community they foster that makes West Harbour an unparalleled gem of the Okanagan.

For that reason, West Harbour’s marketing focused on the real residents of West Harbour, using their actual comments as headlines to anchor the messaging throughout 2017. The campaign included video, print, transit, television, radio and digital ads. No models or actors were used; each person featured in the advertisements was a real resident of West Harbour enjoying their community amenities the way they always do – unscripted.

“We love it here” was a comment we heard over and over again from the people that call West Harbour home. To ensure our message resonated with our diverse target audience, we featured a wide range of residents from young families to empty nesters, retired couples and everything in between. What resulted was a profound and authentic testimony of everything our residents love about the community we built:
-We love mornings on the beach.”
-“We love weekends at home.”
-“We love our neighbours.”
-“We love the peace and quiet.”
-“WE LOVE IT HERE.” Watch The Video Watch The Video