A Sit-Down With Garry Jesperson

We here at West Harbour want to showcase our residents. They are the lifeblood of our community; the glue that holds it all together. In this sit down with West Harbour super-resident Garry Jesperson we discuss his house, golf carts, and why West Harbour is special to him. He’s an avid fisher, saxophone player, and golfer. Back in the day, he caught a 50–pound fish, has played in 67 saxophone concerts last year and had a brief stint as a professional golfer. Without further ado, it is our pleasure to present what he had to say.

Why West Harbour Was Special

When we asked him about how he saw and became enchanted by West Harbour, he had this to say:

“I saw the development when it was first starting, and I thought “wow”. So I went over to the Troika office there and met with Bruce Merrifield, and I said “man, this is fantastic”. When he told me that it was a 100-year pre-paid lease, that it had a private 500 foot beach, and that every estate lot gets a boat slip, that’s when I had decided I wanted to live here. And then I thought I want someone to look after my wife, so I called my kids and asked them to come over. They’re both teachers, but I knew they could do that in the evenings and weekends with me.”

As a West Harbour resident, he went out of his way to distribute West Harbour brochures in the local Tim Hortons. And having owned his own mortgage company, he had been around the game of real estate for a while.

golf cart on greenway

Having Fun In Community At West Harbour

When we asked what he liked about his home at West Harbour, Garry cited having a corner lot that was only a short walk from the beach. He then excitedly launched into an anecdote about a little quirk he discovered about the community; golf carts.

“I like that we had a corner lot because that way I can have a walkway down to the basement from the sidestreet. I didn’t want to live right on the beach so I located my house just a city block off. Another thing is…  I was excited because then we can drive our golf carts. And I was the first one to get a golf cart there and people said ‘what are you doing driving this’ and I said ‘this is private land, you can have a golf cart’. So before long everyone was saying “thanks Garry, we love our golf carts”. 

The other thing is, and I didn’t tell many people that, but I’ve been a BCAA member for 60 years, and they said they could give me a license plate for life for your golf cart. That way no one’s going to steal it. So if you go by my place you can see my golf cart still there.”

These days, Garry spends his days golfing, fishing, doing life with his daughter, son-in-law, and wife, and winding down his mortgage company.

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