5 Father's Day Activities In The Okanagan

With Father’s Day coming up, it doesn’t have to be difficult to spend quality time with your dad. Here’s five very cool Father’s Day activities to do with your Dad. So, without further adieu here is our…

Top 5 Father’s Day Activities

1. Fishing

The first thing on our list of father’s day activities is Fishing! Fishing is a classic father-son activity that’s very peaceful, relaxing and you can do it on almost any lake you can find (including Okanagan Lake). Fish you could encounter in your time here range from the large, exotic Kamloops rainbow Trout to the diminutive silver-grey minnow. With such a diverse cast of fish to catch and a beautifully serene lake to do it in, fishing is among one of the Okanagan’s finest attractions. Just make sure that you get your fishing license so that you don’t have to worry about paying any of those pesky fines.

2. Golfing

Gallagher's Canyon Golf & Country Club

Of course if you prefer something more land-based, golfing is another fantastic choice, and there’s certainly no shortage of different courses in the Okanagan upon which one can yell out “FORE!” before striking the ball through the air and watching its trajectory in flight. If you really want him to have a great time, we highly suggest checking out Gallaghers Canyon (as seen in the picture above).

3. Axe-Throwing

Axe Monkeys fathers day gift

But for those who want to get more creative with their father-son bonding experience, there’s axe-throwing at Axe Monkeys. The activity sounds pretty simple; chuck throwing axes at wooden targets and hit the bullseye. However, there’s something deeply satisfying about watching and hearing the sharp end of an axe burrow itself deep into the wood. No wonder the Vikings of old liked it so much!


4. Father’s Day Car Show

Another exciting activity to do on Father’s Day is go out to the Boyd’s Father’s Day Car Show. Looking at over 500 shiny new cars both over and under the hood as you take in the live music is definitely a good time to be had in the midst of a gorgeous Okanagan summer.

5. EXIT Room

Last but certainly not least is an EXIT room. Solve intricate puzzles as you and your dad attempt to piece together how to escape the room in under 40 minutes. With a wide variety of differently-themed rooms to attempt to make an exit from, EXIT rooms are a challenging and stimulating experience. Check out the EXIT room we have here in Kelowna by clicking here!

In conclusion, we believe that your father’s day activities aren’t as important as the time you get to spend as a family. Be sure to make the most of your time together and choose something that your father will enjoy!


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