5 Substitute Meats For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up very quickly. This means a time of friends, of family, of counting one’s blessings and being grateful for them. But… *record scratch* it’s also a time for turkey. Turkey is a pain to carve, there’s always way too much of it, there’s an ongoing battle to keep it from drying out, and it’s also very overdone this time of year. It’s time to be unique this Thanksgiving and save the turkeys. We also realize it may be difficult to find alternative meaty main courses, which is why we’ve come up with five BETTER types of meat than turkey that you can try out for your Thanksgiving.

dining room table set


Ribs are awesome. Once shamelessly lathered in barbeque sauce, they’re the perfect finger food meat to complement any meal. As you chow down on it you make sure to tear out all  the meat and eat until the bone is clean.


A good medium-rare ribeye steak is one of the best experiences in food. Given how juicy and tender it is when you sink your teeth into it, steak is a fantastic choice for any occasion. Including Thanksgiving.


Duck is an extremely versatile and common meat, as seen by its usage from the Philippines all the way to France, and it is also better than turkey. A nice solid meat divided up into much more manageable portions than turkey.


If you’re looking for an impressive, high-class meal, lamb will be a much more suitable option than the likes of turkey. Lamb is simply a substantially more quality dish than turkey.


Salmon provides a nice texture, and if one squeezes some pepper and lemon juice on it, it has good flavour too. Plus as a bonus, it’s a local dish native to the Okanagan.